AODHAN DS08 Bronze w/Machined Lip


DESCRIPTION: 18x10.5 / 5x114.3 / CB 73.1 / OFF 15
Sale price$249.75


AODHAN DS08 Bronze w/Machined Lip

The DS-08 is Aggressive and unique designs comprise the DS08 Dual Phase Forged wheel, where any and all ideas can become reality for nearly any application.


  • Dual Phase Forging Construction
  • Multi Spoke Design
  • Deep Dish Lip
  • Flush Mount Center Cap

Implements the latest manufacturing Wheel process. Beginning from a cast center born from the finest raw materials, the wheel is spun at a high rate of speed, while at the same time unique circular rollers add extreme pressure to the inner barrel, similar to singe phase forging, but goes a step further. Utilizing this process to the outer lip simultaneously. Creating a stronger compressed barrel as well as a larger lip uncompromising in strength.

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