HARDROCK OFFROAD H504 Slammer XPosed Chrome

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10 / 8x180/OFF -19 /HUB 124.3
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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H504 Slammer XPosed Chrome

Strategic Engineering

The Hardrock Offroad H504 Slammer XPosed wheel is an eight-spoke wheel that splits the span just before the barrel. As a result, the distance between surface supports on the barrel is reduced. This helps alleviate impact and directional stress on the barrel making it more stable than wheels with longer gaps between spokes.

HardRock Offroad H504 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels

The wheel's engineering creates an extremely solid form that creatively uses the branched openings to keep the wheel lighter at the barrel. Thus the H504 is better conditioned for extreme road conditions than normal eight-spoke wheels.

We like our Hardrock wheels to be built structurally tough with aesthetically applied accents that highlight a clean design. To accomplish this, we have milled the edges of the spoke openings. This stylizes and slims the appearance of the solid forms. Bright aluminum accents contrast the black wheel's powder coating. On the chrome finish, there are clear cut edge lines creating subtle yet effective details. These defined edges create a high-quality finish superior to standard painted wheels. This stands out when compared to OEM wheels that merely blend into obscurity. Hardrock is about improving your ride's look, not making it complacent.

The H504 Is Perfect For Any Occasion

The solid build of the Hardrock Offroad H504 wheel makes it a perfect fit for those that want to look good yet still be able to tackle rugged terrain. The Slammer XPosed wheels on your Toyota Tacoma will turn heads whether you're in mall parking lots or rolling on broken trails. Your Jeep Gladiator will be up for date night, mudding or both. That could be a fun date.

Aftermarket Offroad Rims

Upgrading to a set of Hardrock Offroad aftermarket wheels is probably the easiest way to improve both the look and performance of your ride. It doesn't matter if you're exploring the urban jungle or powering through undeveloped terrain, Hardrock rims are designed to handle extreme conditions with ease. Even if your ride rarely gets off road, it will benefit from the visual upgrade. Black finishes, milling, machining and chrome are just some of our popular finishes and treatments. We implement these to make sure that while you're getting your ride dirty, it still looks good.

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