HARDROCK OFFROAD H700 Affliction Gloss Black Milled

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10 / 6x135/139.7/OFF -19 /HUB 108
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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H700 Affliction Gloss Black Milled

The Extremely Popular H700

HardRock Offroad H700 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels

The Hardrock Offroad H700 Affliction wheel is the popular flagship of the 700 series line. It is the capped version of the uncapped H500 Affliction XPosed wheel. All 700 series wheels are capped to hide lugs while the 500 series is exposed.

Engineered with Y spoke design to create improved stability at the hub and barrel, the H700 can weather extreme offroad conditions with ease. This design approach leaves minimal gaps between spokes at the barrel. It also prevents heavy bunching of spokes at the hub. Also a less dense hub makes for a lighter wheel. The Y design does this without compromising the wheel's integrity. Thus this makes the Affliction a perfect wheel for off-road extremes.

Darkness and the Light

While the H700 Affliction is available in powder-coated gloss black with milled accents, customers repeatedly asked for an all-black version of the wheel. We love the look of exposed aluminum milling contrasting with a pristine dark black finish. That doesn't mean we can't see the value in an all black on black wheel. Sometimes the form just needs to speak for itself. So the Hardrock Offroad H700 Affliction is designed to be able to do just that. Because of this we now provide both finishes. Blackout everything on your mysterious ride or add contrast where boring OEM wheels once dwelled. We understand the need to simply look better.

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