HARDROCK OFFROAD H705 Gunner Gloss Black Milled

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10 / 6x135/139.7/OFF -19 /HUB 108
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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H705 Gunner Gloss Black Milled

High End Wheel Design

HardRock Offroad H705 Aftermarket Offroad Wheels

The Hardrock H705 Gunner wheel is a dramatic sixteen spoke wheel. Eight V-shaped pairings create a strong aesthetic design. The layout creates large openings while still keeping the gaps between spokes small at both the barrel and hub.

This makes the wheel structurally stronger and easily handles impact and motion stress. The Gunner is a case of a wheel being both durable and attractive. It's equal parts flow and function.

Dark and Dramatic

We start with black powder coating on the H705. For those of you that like to roll shadow dark, that's all the wheel needs. Some people enjoy subtle highlights. For those owners, we've added a version with dimples on the outer ring. Finally there are the gloss black milled version of the wheels. The milling on these wheels accent the openings generated by the spokes. These visual highlights add a rich silver contrast to the otherwise all black wheel.

Replace Those Stock Wheels

These rugged beasts can cover a broad range of off-road builds. With a full range of five, six and eight-lug options, the Hardrock H705 Gunner wheel can easily fit any make or model of off-road ride. The Gunner comes in 9, 10 and 12 inch width 20 inch diameter wheels. These can easily dress up the factory build of your Ford F150 or Chevy Silverado.

Providing good looking wheels that take you where you need to go is what we do. The Hardrock Offroad H705 Gunner owns both the concrete jungle and broken earth.

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