Hardrock Offroad Wheels H803 Hardrock Famous Forged Gloss Black Milled

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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H803 Hardrock Famous Forged Gloss Black Milled

Strategic Engineering

The Hardrock H803 Famous Forged wheel is designed to showcase your ride. We know that many of our customers put style and love everywhere they can on their rides. This includes the rotors, springs and braking systems that sit behind the wheels. The H803 is a clean and stylish wheel with large view corridors to the equipment behind. The forged wheel features 8 lean spokes that have step-back edge treatment to further reduce their visual mass impact. The goal was to look good without overwhelming the onlooker with complex design patterns. This wheel is about looking strong while allowing other components to complement it and the vehicle.

Forged Strong

We are able to create this lean design by forging the wheel instead of using the casting method. To do this a slab of aluminum is compressed and rolled making it considerably denser. This stronger material is then carved and machined into a wheel. The compressed aluminum weighs virtually the same based on volume but there are dramatic increases in strength. The beauty of this is that wheels manufactured using the forged method can use less material while maintaining improved durability. So we design wheels with thinner components that are lighter and stronger than bulkier cast wheels. Both methods work, but well designed forged wheels will weigh several pounds less than their counterparts. Over the life of your car, that will translate into better gas mileage.

Proper Finishes

We offer the Hardrock H803 in gloss black milled and a polished finish. For the black version, the wheel is powder coated and then milled along the opening created by the spokes. This gives the wheel powerful contrasting accents. Black and silver are always a very popular durable finish. The wheels looks just as amazing thrashing around off road as they would rolling into a car show.

The polished finish takes the raw carved aluminum and smooths it to a sheen. This is a very popular treatment for forged wheels in general. It's a tip of the hat to the days when metal was hammered into shapes over a hot forge. The craftsmanship is enough on its own without any additional materials.

Roll with Style

We offer the H803 by Famous Forged in a broad assortment of 5, 6 and 8 lug fitments for your off road needs. It has that hammered out in a forge appeal to it. The wheel is perfect to show off everything great about your ride. It will look great on your Jeep Wrangler. When your Chevy is tricked out and mean as hell, the H803 makes sure the world knows.

Aftermarket Offroad Rims

Upgrading to a set of Hardrock Offroad aftermarket wheels is probably the easiest way to improve both the look and performance of your ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the urban jungle or powering through undeveloped terrain, Hardrock rims are designed to handle extreme conditions with ease. Even if your ride rarely gets off road, it will benefit from the visual upgrade. Black finishes, milling, machining and chrome are just some of our popular finishes and treatments. We implement these to make sure that while you’re getting your ride dirty, it still look good.

Made to Fit Your Ride

Hardrock Offroad has a broad assortment of fitments created to upgrade trucks, jeeps and SUVs whether they’re running stock or lifted. With decades of experience in the wheel industry, the individuals behind bringing you the Hardrock Offroad brand know rims. We plan our products around you. You’ve told us what you like looking at and we’ve listened. We constantly innovate and produce wheels that the market demands.

Roll in Style

It all comes down to you planting your foot on the gas and feeling a sense of pride as your vehicle responds. Tires grip the surface as the motor muscles the wheels into action. People do it every day, but not everybody does it with style. You’re here because you’ve got style or at least you want some. A set of Hardrock Offroad wheels will make your ride look formidable. That is a step in the right direction.

Dirt or Street. Drive it Hard.


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