AODHAN AH-02 Gloss Black (Gold Rivet)


DESCRIPTION: 18x8.5 / 5x114.3 / CB 73.1 / OFF 35
Sale price$234.75


AODHAN AH-02 Gloss Black (Gold Rivet)


The AH-01 is a 5 spoke design with twist recess spoke design for a more defined look.

Recess spoke design

Deep Dish Lip

Flush mount center cap

Size Offset Lip Size Weight
15x8 20 2.75" 16.7 lbs
16x8 15 2.9" 17.9 lbs
17x9 25 3" 23.6 lbs
18x9.5 30 3" 25.9 lbs
18x10.5 25 3.5" 26.9 lbs
19x9.5 12 3" 27.5 lbs
19x9.5 22 3" 27.2 lbs
19x11 15 3.9" 28.2 lbs
19x11 22 3.9" 27.8 lbs

Implements the latest manufacturing Wheel process. Beginning from a cast center born from the finest raw materials, the wheel is spun at a high rate of speed, while at the same time unique circular rollers add extreme pressure to the inner barrel, similar to singe phase forging, but goes a step further. Utilizing this process to the outer lip simultaneously. Creating a stronger compressed barrel as well as a larger lip uncompromising in strength.

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