ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander Gloss Black w/ Milled Edges


DESCRIPTION: 20X12/8X6.5/OFF -51/Left
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ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander Gloss Black w/ Milled Edges

Proper Directional 

These ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander wheels feature a Black Milled finish and are sure to make your ride stand out! The ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander is a One Piece Alloy wheel that features exposed lugs. These beautiful Multi spoke wheels will be sure to elevate the look of your vehicle build!

About the ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander

The ARKON Alexander was designed in house, in Appleton, WI by Jon Chartier. The ARKON Alexander is a multi-spoke design, with milling overlapping the neighboring spoke to look like the spokes all overlap each other. These spokes also curve outward from the center, then dive back as they contact the lip, to allow the largest lip possible. With no rivets around the rim of the lip, this show truck wheel instead has a simple milled ARKON logo. Exposed lug nuts and single lug drilling make this wheel perfect for showcasing spiked lug nuts. ARKON uses a clean, simple center cap to avoid detracting from the design of the wheel. One of the key design elements of the ARKON Alexander is that it's a Proper Directional wheel, offering a Left side and Right side to ensure you won't have your wheels running backwards. The ARKON Alexander was named after the leader and king over the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III of Macedon... or, Alexander the Great.

Shop the ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander Show Truck Wheel

In ancient times, there were no rulers greater than Alexander; during his reign as king over the Greek kingdom of Macedon, Alexander quickly found reverence due to his willingness to stop at nothing to expand his empire. It's this trailblazing and unrelenting attitude that inspired our ARKON OFF-ROAD team to build our very own wheel bearing his namesake - the Alexander.

Featuring a stellar, unmatched Proper Directional design and built with only the highest grade materials, the ARKON Alexander is a wheel that is leaps and bounds above the rest of the pack in the show truck wheel industry. Check out more of what it can do for your vehicle below!

Top Design and Performance of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander

The Alexander features a one piece, eight-spoke Proper Directional design, with milling overlapping neighboring spokes to give off the appearance that its spokes overlap each other. A milled logo is featured on the Alexander's center cap, and single lug drilling makes it a perfect candidate for spiked lug nuts to be added. Combine this with its alloy construction, and you won't find a better combination of light weight and strength anywhere else in the business.

Available Finish Options and Sizing of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Alexander

Depending on your truck's size or how aggressive you want it to stance, the Alexander has plenty of options at your disposal to customize it just how you want. It's available in both Black and Milled finishes, and you can find the following sizes below:

  • 24x14 -81mm
  • 22x14 -81mm
  • 22x12 -51mm
  • 20x12 -51mm

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