ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln Gloss Black w/ Milled Edges


DESCRIPTION: 20X10/8X170/OFF -25/Left
Sale price$324.75


ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln Gloss Black w/ Milled Edges

Proper Directional

About the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln

The ARKON Lincoln was designed in house, in Appleton, WI by Shawn Chartier. This wheel features multiple style queues that have been very popular across the wheel industry. The ARKON Lincoln is a "hybrid" style wheel, with a concave wheel face, and a deep lip. This wheel appears to have an "endless lip", with no break separating the lip of the wheel from the back barrel. With no rivets around the rim of the lip, this show truck wheel instead has a simple milled ARKON logo. Exposed lug nuts and single lug drilling make this wheel perfect for showcasing spiked lug nuts. ARKON uses a clean, simple center cap to avoid detracting from the design of the wheel. One of the key design elements of the ARKON Lincoln is that it's a Proper Directional wheel, offering a Left side and Right side to ensure you won't have your wheels running backwards. The ARKON Lincoln was named after the leader who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and our 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

Shop the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln Show Truck Wheel

Innovation is king in the aftermarket wheel world, especially when your next build is for a show truck. Our ARKON OFF-ROAD team has been built by show truck enthusiasts, for show truck enthusiasts, and everything that goes into our wheels is designed to give you the ultimate aesthetic upgrade for your model - this is especially evident on our Lincoln wheel.

The ARKON Lincoln, named after our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, is an industry leader when it comes to design and quality, and we're excited to be able to show it to you today. Join us below as we take you through what makes it such a great choice for your next build.

Top Design Features and Performance of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln

The Lincoln is unique among the ARKON model line in that it's built as a "hybrid" style wheel, featuring a concave wheel face, deep lip, and milled ARKON logo adorning the center cap. Still built with the revolutionary Proper Directional design that most of our lineup offers, the Lincoln offers a brilliant mix of style and substance all the same. Plus, for added customization, we've added exposed lug nuts and single lug drilling on the Lincoln, so you can upgrade to spiked lug nuts during your build.

Available Finish Options and Sizing of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln

Of the wheels in the ARKON OFF-ROAD lineup, the Lincoln is far and away one of the most customizable when it comes to the sizes and colors that it's offered in. You can get yours in either a confident Black Milled or legendary Chrome finish, as well as the following sizes:

  • 26x14 -81mm
  • 24x14 -81mm
  • 24x12 -51mm
  • 22x14 -81mm
  • 22x12 -51mm
  • 20x12 -51mm
  • 20x10 -25mm

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