ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela Satin Black


DESCRIPTION: 20X10/8X170/OFF -25/Left
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ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela Satin Black

Proper Directional

About the ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela

The ARKON Mandela was designed in Appleton, WI by Jon Chartier. The ARKON Mandela is a split-spoke design, with intricate milling on the edge of each spoke to highlight the mill lines. These spokes have an angled "Y" split spoke, with a slight curve outward from the center hub to allow the largest lip possible. This wheel appears to have an "endless lip", with no break separating the lip of the wheel from the back barrel. With no rivets around the rim of the lip, this show truck wheel instead has a simple milled ARKON logo. Exposed lug nuts and single lug drilling make this wheel perfect for showcasing spiked lug nuts. ARKON uses a clean, simple center cap to avoid detracting from the design of the wheel. One of the key design elements of the ARKON Mandela is that it's a Proper Directional wheel, offering a Left side and Right side to ensure you won't have your wheels running backwards. The ARKON Mandela was named after the revolutionary leader and first President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

Shop the ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela Show Truck Wheel

At ARKON OFF-ROAD, our team has been built by show truck enthusiasts, for show truck enthusiasts, and as such we know how important it is to have a set of wheels for your truck that offers a bold, classy look that is uniquely you. After all, your truck can become an extension of yourself, with design cues and choices that can reflect your personality perfectly. That's what goes into every wheel we build, and it's especially apparent on wheels like our Mandela model.

The Mandela, named after South Africa's anti-apartheid leader, Nelson Mandela, features one of the most ambitious and cutting-edge designs in our lineup - come with our ARKON team below as we show you how it's constructed and what it can do!

Top Design Features and Performance of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela

The Mandela offers a bold split-spoke design that features intricate milling on the edge of each spoke to accentuate mill lines. This, combined with the "Y" shaped spokes that curve out from the center, leads the Mandela's design to offer an abstract elegance that's simply unmatched.

No rivets appear around the lip either, only adorned by an ARKON logo that also appears on the wheel's center cap - flanking the center cap are exposed lug nuts, which you can upgrade with spiked lug nuts, if you so choose, for some added flair.

Available Finish Options and Sizing of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela

The ARKON Mandela is available to you in Satin Black or Black Milled, the latter of which features some awesome silver accenting around each spoke - both are able to give your show truck a cool, collected look, and you can find it in a size that'll be perfect for your truck's requirements. We've listed each size that the Mandela is available in below:

  • 24x14 -81mm
  • 24x12 -81mm
  • 22x12 -51mm
  • 20x12 -51mm
  • 20x10 -25mm

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