ARKON OFF-ROAD Roosevelt Gloss Black w/ Milled Edges


DESCRIPTION: 20X10/8X180/OFF -25/N/A
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ARKON OFF-ROAD Roosevelt Gloss Black w/ Milled Edges

About the ARKON OFF-ROAD Roosevelt

The ARKON Roosevelt was designed in house, in Appleton, WI by Jon Chartier. This is a non directional styled wheel. The ARKON Roosevelt features a split-spoke design, with heavy milling to accent the wheel spokes, and allude to a thinner looking spoke. These spokes start at the edge of the wheel, and are extremely concave, jutting inward to meet at the hub of the wheel. With no rivets around the rim of the lip, this show truck wheel instead has a simple milled ARKON logo. Exposed lug nuts and single lug drilling make this wheel perfect for showcasing spiked lug nuts. ARKON uses a clean, simple center cap to avoid detracting from the design of the wheel. The ARKON Roosevelt was named after the leader of the progressive movement, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt.

Shop the ARKON OFF-ROAD Roosevelt Show Truck Wheel

The show truck market is one that demands only the best, most cutting-edge styles to turn heads and help your truck bring out the awe of all those who see it. Because of that, you need a set of wheels that goes far beyond the status quo, able to give you both excellent looks and even better performance. That's what our ARKON OFF-ROAD team is able to provide with our Roosevelt model, which features one of the most ambitious designs in our lineup.

We invite you to join us as we check out the Roosevelt's best features and how it can help you elevate your truck's aesthetics - we think you'll dig what it has in store.

Top Design Features and Performance of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Roosevelt

The Roosevelt is unique among our ARKON lineup in that it doesn't feature the Proper Directional style that many of our wheels have adopted and display. Instead, it features a six split-spoke design, each spoke breaking off in a fork-like style about halfway between the center and the lip; this leads the Roosevelt to bring one of the most confident and aggressive styles our ARKON team builds to the forefront of your build.

On the Roosevelt's center cap, you'll notice a clean milled ARKON logo, surrounded by exposed lug nuts - you can utilize these to install some cool upgrades like spiked lug nuts to your wheel build.

Available Finish Options and Sizing of the ARKON OFF-ROAD Roosevelt

The Roosevelt has something in store for you no matter what truck model you're building or the type of appearance you're looking to achieve. It's available both in Chrome and Black Milled finishes, and you can find it in the following sizes:

  • 24x14 -81mm
  • 22x14 -81mm
  • 22x12 -51mm
  • 20x12 -51mm

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