BLAQUE DIAMOND BD-11-Antique Matte Bronze

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DESCRIPTION: 19"x8.5" / 5x108 to 5x130 /OFF 32 to 45 mm
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BD-11 Antique Matte Bronze

This urchin-like wheel features a 10 spoke design. The center of each spoke project outward for a short length, adding to the depth and assailing nature of the wheel.

The BD-11 is right at home on cars looking for that simple, yet eye-catching design that will add that deep aggressive concave look.

You'll see the BD-11 on cars with air suspension that are slammed and are aiming for that stance look, but on the same note, the BD-11 is classy and will compliment the highest of luxury vehicles.

The BD-11 comes standard in an antique bronze finish.

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