DESCRIPTION: 20"x9" / 5x105 to 5x120 /OFF 15 / 45 /HB 66.6/ Flat Profile
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BD-F12 Flow-forming is a metal-forming technique whereby a piece of metal is formed over a mandrel with numerous rollers using intense and constant pressure. With the use of this tremendous pressure, the rollers are able to change the shape and density of the metal. As the metal deforms, its properties change, and the metal then has strength similar to that of a forged piece of metal.

At the heart of our Flow-Forged Wheel Series lies the revolutionary flow-forging process. This advanced manufacturing technique involves applying high-pressure rollers to the wheel’s barrel, compressing and shaping the aluminum alloy to create a dense and robust structure. The result is a wheel that exhibits superior strength and durability while maintaining a lightweight composition for optimal performance.

Our Flow-Forged Wheel Series offers a wide range of captivating designs, each meticulously crafted to elevate the aesthetic of your vehicle. Whether you prefer sleek and sporty or bold and aggressive, we have wheel designs to suit every style and preference. The Flow-Forged Series of wheels include a range of classic multi-spoke patterns and intricate concave profiles. Our wheels are a true expression of individuality and sophistication.

It’s not just about the designs. Blaque Diamond Flow-Forged Wheels are engineered to deliver exceptional performance on the road. The combination of strength and reduced weight achieved through flow forging results in enhanced handling, improved acceleration, and increased braking performance. Experience the thrill of precise control and responsiveness as you navigate every curve and conquer every mile.

We understand that customization is key when choosing wheels, which is why our Flow-Forged Wheel Series offers a range of finishes and sizes to choose from. Whether you prefer a sleek gloss black, refined silver, or custom colors from our Custom Finish Program, we have the perfect finish to complement your vehicle’s unique personality. The Flow-Forged Series wheels also come in a wide range of sizes and profiles to achieve personalized fitment for your rid.

As a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, all Blaque Diamond Flow-Forged Wheels undergo rigorous testing and meet stringent industry standards. We prioritize your safety and ensure that each wheel provides exceptional reliability and performance, even in the most demanding driving conditions.

Join the ranks of automotive enthusiasts who demand nothing less than perfection. When you choose Blaque Diamond Flow-Forged Wheels, you invest in a stunning visual upgrade for your vehicle and elevate its performance to new heights. Experience the perfect fusion of style, strength, and precision engineering with Blaque Diamond. Upgrade your ride and make a bold statement on the road.

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