Fifteen52 Chicane Asphalt Black (Satin Black)

Fifteen52SKU: STCAB-77540+42

WHEEL SIZE: 17x7.5
BOLT PATTERN: 4x100, 4x108
OFFSET, mm: 42
Sale price$295.00


Fifteen52 Chicane Asphalt Black (Satin Black)

The 5-spoke layout is perhaps one of the most iconic in the history of wheel design and with the Tarmac leading the way, the 5-spoke has come to define much of what we do at FIFTEEN52. For the introduction of our Super Touring line, we aimed to design another 5-spoke with influence drawn from the 90s.

The FIFTEEN52 Chicane has a flat face similar to our Tarmac, but the spokes roll back at the lip to give the wheel depth and profile that looks straight out of the motorsport paddock. Additionally, thinner spokes give room to display big brakes in proper Super Touring fashion if so desired. For the Chicane's Lug Cap System, we turned to a more hard-edged bowl while still utilizing a threaded nut and shaft to attach the assembly like our favorite race cars.

Lug Cap System

Motorsport Style for the Street

A forged aluminum threaded shaft allows each Super Touring wheel to have a motorsport-style center nut that secures an aluminum cover cap over the lug pocket of the wheel. The center cover hides the regular 4 or 5 lug bolt patterns, giving the wheel a mono-lug look without the hassle of expensive conversions of centerlock adapters. An aluminum nut secures the Lug Cap System while a Fifteen52 Super Touring centercap snaps into the threaded snout.

Super Touring Lug Accessories

Upgrade and Customize the Lug Cap System

Each Super Touring wheel comes complete with anodized black nuts and a set of black centercaps with raised chrome detailing. For owners who want to customize their wheels, we offer the Super Touring nuts in RedBlue, and Silver Anodized finishes with matching centercaps in Red and Blue.

Brake Clearance

Substantial Room for Performance Brakes

Super Touring cars of the 90s always had massive brakes peaking out from behind their wheels and we knew we had to keep the style alive with our new wheels. Paying careful attention to spoke profile, backpad depth, and offset, we've worked hard to ensure that our Super Touring wheels have plenty of room for big Performance Brake Kits. Now you can look good, go fast, and bring it to a halt without compromise.

TPMS Fitment

Fifteen52 Wheels Accept TPMS Sensors

TPMS sensors have become commonplace on modern vehicles and during the design phase, we ensure that all of our wheels accept factory TPMS sensors. Fifteen52 Wheels are designed to accept standard valve stems. For a custom 52 touch, customers are welcome to order a set of Fifteen52 Aluminum Valve Stems with their wheel orders.

Lug Hardware

Standardized Lug Hardware Under the Lug Cap System

All Fifteen52 wheels utilize standard 60-degree tapered lug seats. Super Touring wheels are dual-drilled under the Lug Cap System to accept a wider range of fitments and cut down on weight. 

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