CURVA CONCEPTS C24 Gloss Black w/ Stainless Chrome Lip

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10.5 / 5x114.3 / 35 / 73.1
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CURVA CONCEPTS C24 Gloss Black w/ Stainless Chrome Lip

The CURVA CONCEPTS C24 is a symmetrical 10 spoke wheel with thin multi-tiered spokes. These starburst style spokes create a clean and elegant wheel that can enhance the look of almost any ride.

The C24 is available in gloss black with milled windows as one finish and a machined face as another. This gives you two different levels of exposed aluminum as visual accents. We also provide a stainless steel chrome lip version of the wheel. The chrome ring sets the tire apart from the wheel with a subtle yet strong visual line. Vehicles with chrome accents are strengthened with this look.

Easily Upgrade Your Ride

CURVA CONCEPTS C24 wheels really love residing on BMWs, Mercedes or other luxury cars. The upgrade accentuates the clean lines the engineers painstakingly design into elegant rides. We put those same design efforts into a wheel that improves on the surprisingly generic stock wheels common from the manufacturers.

Light feel and design symmetry make the CURVA CONCEPTS C24 a great fix for rides that need to show of their great forms without being held back by boring stock wheels.

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