CURVA CONCEPTS C25 Gloss Black Milled Windows

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10 / 5x114.3 / 40 / 73.1
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CURVA CONCEPTS C25 Gloss Black Milled Windows

The CURVA CONCEPTS C25 utilizes 10 geometrically styled spokes that are paired to create a five pointed star wheel.

The spokes curve outward creating more barrel clearance while visually setting the hub back from the outward face of the wheel.

We then extended the spokes to the outer edge of the barrel. This gives the visual appearance of longer spokes and wider diameter rims.

For the finishing touches we utilize three different finish approaches to impact the visual appearance of the star-like shape of the spokes. The most aggressive finish utilizes the machined face of the spokes. This exposes the face of the spokes crating a bright silver star. Then there is the all gloss black finish. This understates the spokes making the wheel more about its simple elegant form. Finally we have a treatment that is somewhere between the two. The all gloss black wheel is milled with thin accent lines to expose aluminum details.

New Twist on a Classic

The 5 pointed star is a classic. This variation of the star is an excellent clean look. The CURVA CONCEPTS C25 look amazing on BMW 750i; and outright mean on Ford Mustang or a Dodge Challenger. It is an immensely popular wheel and we're not surprised.

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