CURVA CONCEPTS C300 Matte Gunmetal

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DESCRIPTION: 18x8.5 / 5x120 / 35 / 72.56
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CURVA CONCEPTS C300 Matte Gunmetal


The CURVA CONCEPTS C300 is our most popular wheel. Customer's love for this wheel has led us to expand to a very broad range of sizes and fitments.

They're made to be a stylish fit for almost any car. The wheels are sporty enough for your Ford Mustang while also being elegant enough to enhance your BMW 4-Series or Mercedes C-Class.

We Went Big

By popular demand, we added a 24 inch fitment for larger cars and SUVs. Perhaps you're looking to dress up your Range Rover or Cadillac Escalade. The CURVA CONCEPTS C300 is an excellent solution for your wheel needs.

Design Engineering

When creating the C300, emphasis was put on the thin spoke design. Eight structural forms were divided into thinner grouped pairs. This creates a simple, but visually elegant appearance which is enhanced by the spokes extending visually to the outer edge of the barrel. The look is finished with a consistent smooth finish across the surface of all the spokes. This makes for a perfect surface for painting, powder coating or machining.

The spoke layout also properly distributes the weight to make for a strong structural form without looking like oversized blocks of metal. In the end, the CURVA CONCEPTS C300 design makes for a lighter wheel that properly holds up to the rugged everyday wear your ride undertakes. It is durable and stylish which is exactly what you need.

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