CURVA CONCEPTS C42 Gloss Black Machined Face

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DESCRIPTION: 20x8.5 / 5x114.3 / 35 / 73.1
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CURVA CONCEPTS C42 Gloss Black Machined Face

The CURVA CONCEPTS C42 is a 5 element split spoke design. The five spokes split quickly when leaving the hub to create lean Y-like forms.

While extremely thin in appearance, these forms are very strong. They also curve outward from the hub which generates a wheel with brake caliper clearance better than most wheels.

The spokes reach the outer edge of the barrel making the wheel look visually larger than it is. The combination of this and the thin spoke design and your ride will almost feel like it's floating.

We outfit a lot of high performance rides with the CURVA CONCEPTS C42 wheels. Beyond being a super clean design, they often fit where other wheels fail. Clearing beefy stock or aftermarket brake setups can often be tricky. The wheel often rubs or fails to clear altogether. The C42 is built in a way that it is usually a perfect solution to this tough problem. Your Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang or Dodge Charger with super stout breaks will love these wheels. And if you're driving in a clean BMW 5-series with stock brakes, the C42 has you covered as well.

This wheel is one of our most flexible. Because of this the wheel is highly popular with difficult builds and luxury rides alike. Simply put, the CURVA CONCEPTS C42 is a great looking solution for most rides.

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