CURVA CONCEPTS C48 Gunmetal Machined Face

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10.5 / 5x114.3 / 40 / 73.1
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CURVA CONCEPTS C48 Gunmetal Machined Face

The CURVA CONCEPTS C48 feature 10 pairings of spokes in a starburst pattern. These 20 individual spokes have some step back detailing to give them the appearance of being even thinner.

The wheel is left with an assortment of long sleek spokes that look amazing in either gloss black or machine faced. The hub uses a step back to differentiate itself from the spokes.

On the machine faced versions of the wheel, this step back is further emphasized with the non-machined coloring. Some spokes join at the base while the pairs join at the edge of the wheel giving the C48 an interconnected stylish pattern.

Wheels with 20 spokes are perfect for luxury vehicles. They are dramatically beautiful without being obviously garish. Audi A8s with CURVA CONCEPTS C48 wheels make an incredible statement just standing still. Put C48s on Lincoln Aviator and be amazed by how it upgrades the look of the ride.

We engineered this wheel to perfectly accentuate superior car design. BMW, Lexus and more are perfectly suited for the CURVA CONCEPTS C48. Swap out those factory rims for something that truly enhances your ride.

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