CURVA CONCEPTS C49 Black Milled Windows

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DESCRIPTION: 20x9 / 5x112 / 30 / 66.56
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CURVA CONCEPTS C49 Black Milled Windows

Curva Concepts C49 Gloss Black Aftermarket Wheels

The CURVA CONCEPTS C49 wheel is a perfectly symmetrical 10 spoke wheel. This starburst pattern wheel has thin spokes further enhanced with either step backs or milling.

These subtle detail shifts make the surface of the wheel feel thinner and lighter while the strength is maintained in the recessed area of each spoke. The surface area of each spoke extends out to the outer edge of the wheel.

This elongates the spoke's look making it feel even leaner. Utilizing this engineering and visual approach creates an incredibly strong wheel that remains strikingly elegant. That is a perfect combination for luxury vehicles.

The C49 is a popular aftermarket wheel on a broad range of rides. They look great on BMW 5-Series, Audi A5 and other luxury cars. The wheel also comes in 22" diameter which makes it great for larger luxury rides and SUVs.

Mercedes G63 AMG sporting black CURVA CONCEPTS C49 with milled windows simply owns the road.

As a clean symmetrical wheel with large visual windows, the CURVA CONCEPTS C49 is a perfect twist on a stylish classic. The upgrade easily enhances any ride making your ride look better almost effortlessly.

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