CURVA CONCEPTS C50 Gloss Black Machined Face

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DESCRIPTION: 22x10.5 / Blank / 25 / 73.1
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CURVA CONCEPTS C50 Gloss Black Machined Face

The CURVA CONCEPTS C50 are smooth faced 20 spoke wheels. The spokes have step backs to create the visual appearance of being thinner.

Each spoke is paired with another to give the wheel a stylish 10 grouping feel. The entire front surface of the wheel is smooth from the outer edge to the set back hub. This makes for a very striking machine faced version of the wheel.

An outer machined ring attaches to thin spokes that also spread out into a bowl like hub. The continuous machined surface appears to float on the black wheel. In contrast, the black version of the wheel has subtle details provided by the spoke step back. This gives the wheel genuine complexity while maintaining the thin feel of the individual spokes.

This wheel looks amazing on larger luxury rides and SUVs. The CURVA CONCEPTS C48 wheel is a perfect replacement for BMW X3's stock wheels. We love them on Mercedes G-Wagon. The engineered details on the wheel really accentuate almost any vehicle.

This wheel is sleek with all the details needed to look both complex and minimal. It accentuates all the effort put into your cars complex engineering. Upgrading to a wheel designed to complement your ride is always a good decision. Put the CURVA CONCEPTS C50 aftermarket wheels on your vehicle today.

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