HARDROCK OFFROAD H501 Bones XPosed Chrome

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DESCRIPTION: 20x10 / 5x150/OFF -19 /HUB 110.3
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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H501 Bones XPosed Chrome

The Hardrock Offroad H501 Bones Xposed wheel is designed for those that like to run with exposed lug nuts. All of our 500 series are made with minimal caps at the hub. Do you like to have custom colored lugs or spiked lugs? If so, Hardrock's 500 series wheels are made just for you.

Stylish Off Road Wheel Design

This wheel is a directional wheel. The spokes pinwheel in one direction to create visual motion. At the Hardrock Offroad H501 wheel's hub, eight spokes branch out and split into two individual spans. This creates sixteen thinner forms that produce very solid stress stability at the hub and barrel. To further streamline the wheel's appearance, step backs or milling generate visually thinner spokes The contrasting detail adds to the overall design of the wheel without taking away from the wheel's off road structural strength.

The Bones Xposed wheel comes in striking gloss black milled and chrome. These rich finishes look great on any aggressive ride. Want to upgrade your Chevy Colorado's base look or maybe fully trick out your Ford Raptor? The H501 elevates any ride's appearance. Bolt on a set and see what a difference Hardrock Offroad wheels makes. It's the easiest way to set your ride apart from everyone else running boring OEM wheels.

Aftermarket Offroad Rims

Upgrading to a set of Hardrock Offroad aftermarket wheels is probably the easiest way to improve both the look and performance of your ride. It doesn't matter if you're exploring the urban jungle or powering through undeveloped terrain, Hardrock rims are designed to handle extreme conditions with ease. Even if your ride rarely gets off road, it will benefit from the visual upgrade. Black finishes, milling, machining and chrome are just some of our popular finishes and treatments. We implement these to make sure that while you're getting your ride dirty, it still looks good.

Made to Fit Your Ride

Hardrock Offroad has a broad assortment of fitments created to upgrade trucks, jeeps and SUVs whether they're running stock or lifted. With decades of experience in the wheel industry, the individuals behind bringing you the Hardrock Offroad brand know rims. We plan our products around you. You've told us what you like looking at and we've listened. We constantly innovate and produce wheels that the market demands.

Roll in Style

It all comes down to you planting your foot on the gas and feeling a sense of pride as your vehicle responds. Tires grip the surface as the motor muscles the wheels into action. People do it every day, but not everybody does it with style. You're here because you've got style or at least you want some. A set of Hardrock Offroad wheels will make your ride look formidable. That is a step in the right direction.

Dirt or Street. Drive it Hard.

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