Hardrock Offroad Wheels H503 Spine XPosed Chrome

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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H503 Spine XPosed Chrome

Striking Form Meets Solid Function

The Hardrock Offroad H503 Spine XPosed wheel uses a stylish take on spoke pairings. This approach uses tight V shapes that are denser at the hub. The spokes then spread the surface load at the barrel. The straight V structure makes the H503 very well equipped to handle the extremes of off-road stress. Impact and lateral stress are efficiently distributed over multiple areas of strength. This effectively reduces the off-road demands made on the wheel.

What's even better than its solid form is the fact that the H503 is a good looking wheel. To accomplish this, milling is used to add strong accents. The black wheels are powder coated before milling exposes bright aluminum highlights. Alternatively, the process is reversed for the chrome wheels where milling adds accents to the polished wheel before the chrome is applied. Therefore this process creates step backs on each spoke giving the H503 an elegance without sacrificing the wheel's strength.

Spine XPosed

These symmetrical beauties can cover a broad range of off-road builds. With a full range of five, six and eight-lug options, the Hardrock H503 Spine XPosed wheel can easily fit any make or model of off-road ride. Starting at 20x9, you can dress up the factory build of your Ford F150. Perhaps you have 8 inches of lift on that Chevy Silverado. Well, then a set of 24x12 Spine XPosed will look amazing on that.

Providing good looking wheels that take you where you need to go is what we do. The Hardrock Offroad H503 Spine XPosed owns both the concrete jungle and broken earth.

Aftermarket Offroad Rims

Upgrading to a set of Hardrock Offroad aftermarket wheels is probably the easiest way to improve both the look and performance of your ride. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring the urban jungle or powering through undeveloped terrain, Hardrock rims are designed to handle extreme conditions with ease. Even if your ride rarely gets off road, it will benefit from the visual upgrade. Black finishes, milling, machining and chrome are just some of our popular finishes and treatments. We implement these to make sure that while you’re getting your ride dirty, it still look good.

Made to Fit Your Ride

Hardrock Offroad has a broad assortment of fitments created to upgrade trucks, jeeps and SUVs whether they’re running stock or lifted. With decades of experience in the wheel industry, the individuals behind bringing you the Hardrock Offroad brand know rims. We plan our products around you. You’ve told us what you like looking at and we’ve listened. We constantly innovate and produce wheels that the market demands.

Roll in Style

It all comes down to you planting your foot on the gas and feeling a sense of pride as your vehicle responds. Tires grip the surface as the motor muscles the wheels into action. People do it every day, but not everybody does it with style. You’re here because you’ve got style or at least you want some. A set of Hardrock Offroad wheels will make your ride look formidable. That is a step in the right direction.

Dirt or Street. Drive it Hard.

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