HARDROCK OFFROAD H704 Crusher Gloss Black

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DESCRIPTION: 20x9 / 5x127/139.7/OFF 0 /HUB 87
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Hardrock Offroad Wheels H704 Crusher Gloss Black

Directional Flow

20x10 Off-Road Wheels

The Hardrock Offroad H704 Crusher wheel is a stylish take on a directional pinwheel. These twelve spokes angle off of the hub making their way to the barrel. As they do, the spokes narrow slightly to remove the feel of a rectangle spoke.

The H704 has been designed to be structurally sound and visually appealing. Individual angled spokes do not deal with hazard impact and directional stress as efficiently as spans that run perpendicular to hub and barrel. So to compensate for that, additional structural spokes are added to reduce the load per spoke to easily managed levels.

Darkness Looking Good

The Crusher comes in powder-coated all gloss black and gloss black milled. For those of you that love rolling black on black, the all gloss black takes its place in the shadows with a sense of high-class mystery. Thus you have an understated yet highly effective look.

Then there is the H704 with the gloss black milled finish. It is this milling adds exposed aluminum highlights to the wheel that are made to draw the eye in. So these accents act in contrast to the sleek jet black finish of the rest of the wheel. As a result this makes the wheels a bigger focal point.

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