Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR Magnesium Grey (Satin Bronze)

Fifteen52SKU: RSHMG-98551+45

WHEEL SIZE: 19x8.5
OFFSET, mm: 45
Sale price$395.00


Fifteen52 Holeshot RSR Magnesium Grey (Satin Bronze)

The Holeshot RSR is an exercise in designing our ideal mesh wheel. Scalloped spokes help to strategically shed weight while a stepped-lip profile and subtle face protrusion make a visual statement that stands out in the crowd. Each Holeshot RSR wheel comes equipped with anodized Black Motorsport Rings machined from aluminum. Red and Blue Motorsport Rings are available for owners looking to match their build with rings that have special corner designations that aid in motorsport applications and tire rotations.

The initial launch of Holeshot RSRs is specifically targeted at Mk3 Ford Focus, Mk7 VW Golf/Jetta, and FK8 Civic Type R fitments, with dimensions optimized for those vehicles. The flow form construction will allow for future target fitments to be added down the road for other performance-oriented platforms.

Magnesium Grey is a unique satin Bronze-Gunmetal finish that accents the detailed contours of the Holeshot's face.

Flow Formed Construction

Stronger. Lighter.

The Holeshot RSR marks Fifteen52's first design in the RSR Wheel Program, utilizing flow form technology to offer a stronger, lighter performance wheel in targeted fitments. The flow form method utilizes rollers to apply high levels of pressure to form the inner barrel to specified widths, allowing for optimized fitment specifications. As the cast material is formed over the tooling, it begins to take on many of the properties of a forged wheel, aligning the grain structure and increasing tensile strength. The increase in strength allows for a thinner and lighter barrel, taking advantage of the benefits of a forged wheel without the high cost often associated with a fully-forged product.

fifteen52 flow form wheels

Scalloped Spokes

Strategic Weight Reduction

Following the initial casting stage, the Holeshot RSR spokes are CNC Machined to strategically reduce weight while maintaining structure where necessary. Through careful testing and analysis, Fifteen52 is able to produce a lightweight spoke that still provides the strength that can stand up to abuse.

RSR Motorsport Rings

A Unique Approach to Centercaps That Mean Business.

Utilizing a 6061 aluminum, the RSR Motorsport Rings are ready to stand up to the high temperatures endured during heavy braking in motorsport and performance applications. Holeshot RSRs come standard with black anodized rings, but sets are available in Red, Blue, and Black with special corner designations printed on each ring to aid in trackside tire swaps.

Targeted Vehicle Fitments

Wheels made specifically for your car.

The Flow Formed Construction allows each wheel to be widened to spec which opens up the ability to target specific fitments and provide a wheel specifically designed for each application. The wheel width, offset, and centerbore are all optimized for the intended vehicle, offering the perfect fit without any compromise.

Brake Clearance

Performance Wheels Mean Performance Braking

The Holeshot RSR is designed as a performance wheels for owners that want the very most out of their car. As such, we knew the Holeshot should have the room for brakes that can get the job done. With a raised center section, convex spoke curvature, and two lip profiles, the Holeshot RSR has been designed to maximize clearance for nearly any performance big brake kit.

Knurled Bead Seat

Cut Down on Slippage

When you’re coming to an abrupt stop or taking off with the pedal on the floor, the last thing you want is tire slippage, both on the road and around the wheel. Bead seat knurling on the Holeshot RSR allows the tire to hold tight when experience the torque of acceleration or extreme braking. 

Lug Hardware

Standardized Lug Hardware Under the Lug Cap System

All Fifteen52 wheels utilize 60-degree tapered lug seats and will work with any standard lug hardware.

TPMS Fitment

Fifteen52 Wheels Accept TPMS Sensors

TPMS sensors have become commonplace on modern vehicles and during the design phase, we ensure that all of our wheels accept factory TPMS sensors. Fifteen52 Wheels are designed to accept standard valve stems. For a custom 52 touch, customers are welcome to order a set of Fifteen52 Aluminum Valve Stems with their wheel orders. 


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